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About Dakota Harvest Farm
Dakota Harvest Farm is a 160 acre family farm located in southeast South Dakota. We have competed our 3rd year of transitioning for organic certification.

Dorper sheep graze the pastures on Dakota Harvest Farm. The purpose of the Dorper breed is to produce prime lamb meat. Dorper sheep were bred for meat quality, tenderness and taste. Dorper are hair sheep and have no wool thus no lanolin in their body, which eliminates the so called "lamb taste".

Dorpers are natural grazers which aids in the practice of intensive grazing managment used on the farm.

dorper grass fed lamb
Dexter cattle have recently been added to Dakota Harvest Farm. Dexter's are considered miniature cattle. The cattle will be grazing with the sheep, by mixing the species it will increase the grazing capacity and production of the pastures. The first production of Dexter cattle meat will be late winter of 09.